Still got it!

The past few months I have been playing less live poker.  I have been staying close to home as we are in the process of selling our house and moving.  This has given me the chance to do a bit more coaching and play some more online poker.  I have been working on my online game a ton and I feel like I am back to where I was before Black Friday.  Below are my results for the past few months.  About half of these hands are full ring and the other half are 6-max.

I have only talked with Sorel once so not too much to report yet.  I have been playing some small buy-in online tournament but I am still a fish anytime I have less than 40bb.  Sorel did recommend some videos to watch.   I will be working on this and more in the next few months.



I had a good conversation with Sorel a few days ago and he ask me to figure out some poker goals that he could help me with.  I feel like I have been on a poker plateau for the last two years just grinding out a living but not really moving up in the poker world.  What I have been doing for the past five years hasn’t been enough to get me off this plateau so I need a new approach.  I am not sure what I need to do different just that my current habits haven’t taken to where I want to be.

I usually think about goals in two categories. Product goals are what I want to create and process goals are the daily actions required to produce the product goals.  So for today I want to just look at my product goals which in poker have always been about money and skill.  So here are the here are the goals for the Mike crushes poker with Sorel Mizzi challenge!

1) earn six figures in 2013

2) crush high-stakes NLH (5/10NLH+ live and 3/6NLH+ online)

3) learn to play winning NLH tournament poker both live and online

4) do all the above while staying healthy and fit

Is he really dead?

It happens all the time in the movies.  The good guys take out the bad guy or monster.  Then they celebrate too soon.   Of course everyone in the audience is just waiting for the bad guy to get up and attack.  You know the scene – camera pans back to hero who is likely hugging another survivor and then in the background you see the villain start to move.  Usually at this point some lady sitting right behind me starts yelling at the movie screen to warn the hero.

So I learned my lesson.  Fatmike is down and I am not taking my eye off him.  There will be no fatmike comeback, there will be no KillFatMike 2(it is not like it would make any money).  So now that the Mizzi challenge is over I need a new challenge.  The new outcome goal is to fit comfortably into my 30 inch jeans by Jan 1 2013.

To make this happen I am going to keep eating Paleo and workout everyday from now until the end of the year.   I will be hitting crossfit workouts at least 3 days per week. Some days the workout might only be a short walk or fifteen minutes of Yoga.  Most importantly,  I want the habit of being active everyday to be fully trained by the end of the year.

Cheat Meal

Last week I decided to have my first real cheat since I started this blog.  I wasn’t really craving anything in particular.  I just wanted a late night snack after a long poker trip. The waitress talked me into a slice of banana cream pie.  It sounded good and I never tried one before.  It bothered my stomach for 3 days!  The pie tasted fine but I think I would have enjoyed a banana just as much.

So with my stomach being off and my knee hurting I took a full week off from training.  This also gave me time to really focus on my online poker game and getting in a decent amount of live play.  It felt great to bet back into the gym this week.


I sent Sorel all my before, after, and in between photos.  He has said the judging will start in a few days so I thought I would post another quick update.

Yesterday I was down another notch in my belt and this morning I was 171.5 on the scale!  Today I was able to complete a workout that included muscle-ups for the first time in over a year and half.  I am very excited about all the above because it comes on the heels of a few days away at the Casino.

Overall I am feeling great and I think this has translated to my poker play. The past week I have been very sharp on the felt both online and at the casino.

Then – Now

36″ waist – 33″ waist

183.5 pounds  –  173.5 pounds (conservatively I lost about 15 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle for at least a 20 pound transformation!)

terrible eating habits  –  I have developed healthy eating habits that I know I can maintain.  Since the challenge stated I haven’t had one cheat-meal and surprisingly I don’t miss the old “fatmike food”

1 strict pull-up  –  8 strict pull-ups

0 ring dips  –  8 ring dips

didn’t pick anything heavy off the floor as I was afraid I would hurt my back  –  deadlift 205 pounds for 5 reps easily

couldn’t squat bar without shoulder pain  –  able to back squat ass to grass for 3 reps with 170 pounds

60 minute Yoga routine used to tire me out and leave me sore –  now it is a recovery day

zero workouts in the 30 days before this challenge – worked out 30/31 days this July

feeling old, lazy, fat, and tired  –  now I am energized, focused, and motivated

fatmike was expanding  –   fatmike is fading away