World Series of Poker here I come!

Last week Sorel offered to buy some of my action for the WSOP $10,000 Main Event that starts July 6. In less than twelve hours I was able to sell enough action to finance the trip to Vegas. Thank you Sorel and my other backers.

I am on the East Coast, so tomorrow I am going to begin adjusting my sleep schedule to Las Vegas time to make sure I am rested and ready to play my best poker. I will be playing a few live and online tournaments this week to sharpen my tournament skills.

I am going to work on finding some travel friendly Paleo. Since I may be the only poker player ever to make it into the Main Event by winning a health/body transformation contest I need to at least live up to staying health while grinding in Vegas.

2 thoughts on “World Series of Poker here I come!

  1. Hmmmm…unless the fundamental laws of nature and time zones have changed radically since the last time I was out west, noon in Vegas is 3 pm back east…

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