New Year – New Plans

Fatmike made a small comeback over the holidays but he won’t know what hit him in the first quarter of 2013! I am back at eating healthy and hitting the gym strong.

I don’t really have New Years resolutions but I have been working on creating a better AM routine. If I get the day started right everything else just falls in place. Right now I am focused on doing three things every morning. First I am starting the day with some type of meditation or breathing exercises. Then right to work with playing some poker. Third do some kind of workout. By taking a “Emphasize the Start” approach I think I can get more done.

I am also going to make a big commitment to playing and learning more about tournament poker. I am doing this to try to get the most out of coaching with Sorel and for a new poker challenge. Right now the plan is set aside every Sunday to grind some tournaments. I have a bunch of training videos to watch and of course I am hoping I can talk much more poker with Sorel.

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