Coaching with Sorel 1

Last week I finally caught up with Sorel for some poker talk. He sent me about 500 hands from a recent online tournament to review. I watched all the hands and marked about 50 that I would have played different. I was really surprised to see that I marked 10 percent of the hands!

Most of the hands were spots where I would have open raised or 3B bluffed and Sorel folded. We talk a bunch about the impact of different stacks sizes and how to adjust optimally. I think I was underestimating how often 20bb stacks behind would 3B jam verse late position steals. I am happy that the Sorel agreed with most of my post flop lines. It turns out that he was taking some non-standard lines based on players and game flow. I do feel like I am gaining a better understanding of sub 40bb poker. Thanks Sorel – I am looking forward to our next session.

I have also been playing some micro/small stakes online poker with 40bb stacks to get some more experience on these stack sizes. This has led me to playing around with some new software to refine my 3B and 4B ranges and bet sizes with a short stack. I have already used some of what I learned at my normal stakes against short stacked opponents.

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