Is he really dead?

It happens all the time in the movies.  The good guys take out the bad guy or monster.  Then they celebrate too soon.   Of course everyone in the audience is just waiting for the bad guy to get up and attack.  You know the scene – camera pans back to hero who is likely hugging another survivor and then in the background you see the villain start to move.  Usually at this point some lady sitting right behind me starts yelling at the movie screen to warn the hero.

So I learned my lesson.  Fatmike is down and I am not taking my eye off him.  There will be no fatmike comeback, there will be no KillFatMike 2(it is not like it would make any money).  So now that the Mizzi challenge is over I need a new challenge.  The new outcome goal is to fit comfortably into my 30 inch jeans by Jan 1 2013.

To make this happen I am going to keep eating Paleo and workout everyday from now until the end of the year.   I will be hitting crossfit workouts at least 3 days per week. Some days the workout might only be a short walk or fifteen minutes of Yoga.  Most importantly,  I want the habit of being active everyday to be fully trained by the end of the year.


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