Then – Now

36″ waist – 33″ waist

183.5 pounds  –  173.5 pounds (conservatively I lost about 15 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle for at least a 20 pound transformation!)

terrible eating habits  –  I have developed healthy eating habits that I know I can maintain.  Since the challenge stated I haven’t had one cheat-meal and surprisingly I don’t miss the old “fatmike food”

1 strict pull-up  –  8 strict pull-ups

0 ring dips  –  8 ring dips

didn’t pick anything heavy off the floor as I was afraid I would hurt my back  –  deadlift 205 pounds for 5 reps easily

couldn’t squat bar without shoulder pain  –  able to back squat ass to grass for 3 reps with 170 pounds

60 minute Yoga routine used to tire me out and leave me sore –  now it is a recovery day

zero workouts in the 30 days before this challenge – worked out 30/31 days this July

feeling old, lazy, fat, and tired  –  now I am energized, focused, and motivated

fatmike was expanding  –   fatmike is fading away


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