Since one-third of the judging in this contest is based on transformation I thought I would look up it up. Below are the definitions that seemed applicable:

“the act or process of transforming”  – I like the use of the word process because it implies that the transformation is ongoing.  I am viewing the last 12 weeks as just the beginning because I am still in the process of transforming.  Maybe I should have called this blog killingfatmike.

“the state of being transformed”  –  I am currently in a transformed state – leaner, faster, strong, and more healthy than I was 12 weeks ago

“change in form, appearance, nature, or character”  –  Yes my form and appearance have changed, but more importantly my nature has transformed because my daily habits have changed dramatically.  Because of this I feel more positive and confident in my ability to killfatmike permanently!  The word character made me think of the General Patton’s quote; “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”.  Now that I have more energy and endurance, am I also a more courageous person?  I say yes.


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