Stats for Sorel

I have been using an online workout journal called  There are many stats and reports.  I have made everything in my profile public so you can click on anything in blue text and drill down for more data.  This site is the Holdem Manager/Poker Tracker of training logs.  Please check out the links in this post to get started.

You can click on any workout and see a page like this.

Here is my athlete report which is a summary of my daily logging of things like; how I felt, body condition, mobility work, sleep information, and more.

The movement report shows a breakdown of the different training modalities and a complete list of all the different exercises I have done.  You can then click on the exercise and see a report on that movement alone.  For example you can see how many push-ups I have done, how much time I have spent doing Yoga, or how much total weight I have back squatted.

For the last ten weeks I have kept a detailed food log.  And of course you can checkout my weigh-ins.

You can also see the summary report which has more information like average power output on different workouts and total work performed.


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