Injuries and goals

Since I tweaked my knee I have been doing upper body strength work, Yoga, and some mobility drills I found on . This is a great site with tons of videos by Kelly Starrett who is a physical therapist and Crossfit coach.  Anytime something is bothering me I just go to his site and use the search function.  I have been doing the foam rolling and mobility drills he recommends and I hope the knee should be good to go soon.

For the past month I have been working on my shoulder stability / flexibility daily.  I am starting to see small improvements.  I can take a narrower grip on the bar without pain during back squats, snatches, and overhead squats.

As this challenge is coming to an end I need to set some new goals.  I don’t want to lose the momentum and motivation I have going right now.  By October I will:

1) Fit into my 32″ jeans comfortably – I can squeeze into them now but they are still too tight to wear.  I was wearing 36″ jeans three months ago.

2) Get my knees healthy and build my strength so I can back squat(high bar) 215×3 – Strength has never been my forte but I have made big gains the past two months and I want to build on that.

3) Continue to practice all the new healthy eating habits I have developed the last three months – I expect to be back on the road playing a lot more poker in August and September so I need to keep focused on eating clean.


2 thoughts on “Injuries and goals

  1. Regarding shoulder stuff, I would really recommend reading over Eric Cressey’s stuff if you haven’t already. He has a TON of great material on shoulder mobility and joint stability.

    Regarding your knees, I don’t know if you saw my blog post about the “neural wake up call” (fancy term for a morning dynamic stretching/warmup routine) but my knees (especially my normally-bad left knee) have gotten so strong, and I credit a lot of that to doing single-leg squats daily. You might consider doing something like 6-8 single leg squats on the edge of your bed every morning for awhile; I would be really surprised if you don’t notice a difference in your knee strength/stability pretty quickly.

    I just started doing back squats this month, I have always had multiple issues that made me avoid back squats (hip/ankle mobility, and a back that hates lots of compression force), but I’ve had little issue with them this month, and I credit a lot of that to the single-leg work I did over the last two months (as well as general flexibility/foam rolling type stuff that it sounds like you have covered).

  2. thanks – the shoulders have been doing better and the knees where great until last week. I have been doing some extra work on both to make sure I can keep training hard 🙂

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