Victory and defeat

Today I feel like I had a great victory and small defeat all in the same workout.  A year and half ago when I weighed about fifteen pounds less, I had just started to do some rope climbing.  It takes a little technique, lots of grip strength, and a no fear mindset to climb twenty feet off the deck.  I love that this workout was not just a physical challenge. Pushing your comfort zone from time to time is great for mental toughness and confidence. This was the workout:

For time:

25 Thrusters

Rope Ascents – 20′ (this video shows a 15′ rope)

25 Hang Squat Clean

4 Rope Ascents – 20′

25 Front Squat

4 Rope Ascents

25 Squat Clean

*40 Minute Time Limit

I scaled the weight down to 65 pounds for all the squat variations and went with two 20′ rope climbs plus one cargo net ascent per round.  The rope climbing went well and I was feeling great because fatmike wouldn’t have gotten even 5′ off the ground!

I think this is the first crossfit workout that I had to quit.  I had a sharp pain in my right knee on the front squats which is strange because 65# is light and my legs were feeling strong. I know stopping was the smart thing to do but having to quit a workout for any reason is a defeat.  I will be icing my knee off and on all day today in the hopes that I can come back tomorrow for another victory!


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