Challenges – Bring it on!

Sunday I spent about 4 hours in an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar.  Sometimes I think it is strange for a 42 year guy to try to learn a new sport but mostly I just love new challenges.  I am not that strong and don’t have a lot of O-lifting skill so there is nowhere to go but up!  I love the process of working on some skill and being able to track the progress.  The way we measure every workout in Crossfit is perfect for me.  I am always chasing a faster time, heavier lift, or some skill I couldn’t do before.

I think I was more like this in poker before black Friday.  I spent countless hours reviewing data in Holdem Manager on myself and my opponents always looking for little ways to get better.  I watch training videos, read every new poker book, and talk poker with other players everyday.  Now with the live grind I think I may have become a little bit complacent as the live 2/5NLH and 5/10NLH just aren’t that challenging.  The biggest challenge for me in live poker is traveling and getting enough hours on the felt.  Of course I still take notes on my opponents and play around with flopzilla and poker stove but the amount of time I work on my game these days is way less than it used to be.

Since “going pro” 4 years ago 95% of my play has been in no-limit holdem cash games.  With no online poker to speak of in the US right now I need a new poker challenge.  This is one of the reasons that I jumped into this competition.  I have been thinking about getting back into playing some tournament poker and maybe learn some mixed games.  I can think of no better way to do this and take my game to the next level than with the help of a coach/mentor like Sorel Mizzi.  So if I win this competition I am ready to give everything I have – bring it on!


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