Vegas Goals

Since I am a poker player I guess should write something about my Vegas trip and how I did on my goals.

1) I didn’t get the 150 hours of grind time I was hoping for.  The first few days the time change was struggle.  I didn’t have great energy levels as I was training hard and dieting so I was careful not to play when tired.  I played a little over 100 hours of cash in almost 4  weeks in Vegas.  I made enough to pay all expenses and some profit but overall I made less than what I was expecting to.  I think I ran the worst ever at 2/5NLH but I did much better at 5/10NLH 🙂

2) On the fitness / weight loss goal I did pretty good.  I kept up with my workouts and didn’t drink or have any cheat meals.  But eating out 1-2 meals everyday was an added challenge for sure.  I can’t say for sure how much fat I lost but I know my waist got smaller, I lost weight, and I got stronger in the gym.

3) I learned that grinding live poker on the road and keeping a health lifestyle is much harder than grinding online and staying healthy.  Of course I already knew this but I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  Poker plus travel are huge impediments to staying healthy.  This is no longer an option for me.

I put my house on the market before leaving for Vegas and I am hoping to get it sold sometime soon. I plan on moving to Florida so I can grind live poker without traveling.  For the past week I have been playing low-stakes on the merge network and getting the rust off my online game.  I don’t think this is a viable long-term option living in the US right now. There seems to be very little mid-stakes action and I doubt the games are very good.  But, I can make few bucks while I stay home and keep my online skills intact for another few weeks.

I feel like I have been in a weird nomadic limbo ever since Black Friday.  I am really looking forward to getting resettled into a good playing routine in a situation where I can maintain all the healthy habits I have developed over the last ten weeks.


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