PRs everywhere but the scale

I have hit a bunch of personal records(PR) in the gym the past few days but I gained 0.5 pounds on the scale.  I know the scale shouldn’t bother me but it still does.  I have been training hard everyday and eating clean.  Still the scale doesn’t agree.  When I was in Vegas, Dave told me not to worry too much about the scale and instead focus on my waist size and workouts. So with this in mind I will blog about some of the results I am seeing in the gym.

The links below go to my training log with all the stats;  workouts including these movements, total reps, total pounds lifted, and my max weights.

~ Ten weeks ago I could only do one strict pull-up and this week I did four sets of five reps.

~ Ten weeks ago I couldn’t do a single ring dip and yesterday I did three sets of five reps(these are way harder on gymnastic rings then on bars)

~ I have never been able to do a handstand walk. Today in the gym I was able to do an assisted handstand walk!  I only got five feet but I was walking on my hands 🙂

~ I have been working hard on my strength training and this week it really showed as I set new PRs on my back squat, deadlift, and front squat even while feeling sore and a bit beat up.


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