These are the supplements I have been taking.  I know there is a lot of snake oil out there but I have read some solid support on these three.  The benefits of the fish oil and post workout shakes are well established and I have been taking both since the beginning of the challenge. I have tried several different brands of the fish oil and they all seem the same. The Progenex is a bit expensive but I like it because it taste good, is low carb, and doesn’t bother my stomach like other some other brands.

I heard about the branch chain amino acids (BCAA) on an old episode of the paleo solution podcast and then read some more about them on leangains.  I have been taking 10g of BCAA before my am workouts for over a week now and I do feel it is helping with my recovery as I have been able to train the last 12 days straight.

After a minor tweak to my L back I went to the chiropractor this morning and now my back feels worse.  It is very frustrating to be injured at this point in the challenge because I feel like I have so much momentum going with the eating and the training since getting home from Vegas.  I just hope my back will be up for a workout tomorrow morning.


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