Transforming Taste Buds

I read somewhere that taste is learned and therefore can be changed.  I have found this to be true.  When I started drinking coffee twenty years ago I would make it with tons of sugar and milk.  Sometime ago I switched to splenda. After a year of drinking several cups a day I tried some sugar in my cup of joe and I hated it!  Around three years ago I started eating Paleo and I learned to like Truvia (stevia sweetener) and no milk.

One of the things that David Swanson told me in Vegas was that all artificial sweeteners have long-term health risks.  I have also heard that these fake sugars may create an insulin spike and mute some of my weight loss.  Last week when I ran out of Truvia I started drinking my coffee black.  So far this taste ok but maybe in 6 months it will be my favorite.


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