Olympic Weightlifting

I met John Broz because he shares space with Crossfit Las Vegas where I have been training.  He is an experienced Olympic weightlifter and coach.  Anytime I have the chance to learn from an expert in their field I jump on it.  I started out with the idea of getting some help with my shoulders and I ended up with a lot more.

John told me my upper back is weak and my shoulders are tight.  He gave me a daily routine to address this imbalance and some tips about maintaining better posture outside the gym.  Basically I need to keep my shoulders back and down in squats, cleans, deadlifts, and when going overhead.

We worked on improving my clean and jerk positioning.  While working on the split jerk I learned my left hip flexor is too tight.  By improving my technique I believe I will be able to train more often with more weight and less shoulder pain.

I was surprised to find I had problems with my squat as it is a movement I like and feel comfortable with.  John showed me I was favoring my right side.  He guided me into a balanced stance and it left like the weight on the bar doubled and all the weight was on my left leg!

These issue must relate to my occasional back pain.  I go to the chiropractor to get my left hip adjusted at least once a month.  I hope by building more balanced strength I can improve my low back health.  I am going to work on evening out my leg strength and improving my hip flexibility.  I am not sure if the imbalances are causing my misalignment or if it is the other way around but getting stronger and more flexible sure can’t hurt.

It was also great to listen to John’s philosophy on training.


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