Average chips stack

Over the last few days I have been checking out my competition in the Mizzi Health Challenge by looking at their blogs.  I think we are down to twenty-four runners from a starting field of seventy.  Of those 24, I would say most are average chips stacks with a few short stacks and no clear chip leader. Of course anyone who finishes the challenge will have a nice “cash” in terms of improving their health/fitness but I am grinding hard for the win. This makes for a great competition.

In handicapping the field I have to consider there are a lot of young guns and at the age of 42 I am likely at a disadvantage in terms of body transformation.  I think it might be a little harder for me to lose fat and add muscle than it is for a guys in their 20s.

It is not all bad as I have a few things going for me.  I have been down this road before, so I have a lot of experience in healthy eating and training hard.  I have access to two great crossfit gyms with great coaches.  I am highly motivated because:  1) I remember how great it felt last year to be in the best shape of my life  2) the ability to have access to a high stakes pro’s mind for a year is just what I need to breakthrough to the next level in my poker career.



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