Lack of Sleep Infographic


2 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. excellent post! getting a good night’s rest will work wonders for life. i was never one who could fall asleep on a dime, so getting into a routine has helped me.

    sunlight is another one that i think help overall quality of life. too bad we don’t get as much of it here in the northeast as people do out west.

    in poker news, still bouncing around 25NL (3500 hands in) and i’m one BI shy of having to move back down to 10NL. I certainly noticed more volatility in my equity curve at this level, and more raising by players who i labeled LP.
    i’m sticking with it, though. doing my pre and post, and marking hands for review.
    gonna post some on the forum.

    keep grinding.
    all the best on the felt.

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