still a turtle

I weighed in yesterday at 181 pounds for a .5 loss on the week. Another measure to watch is waist size. I started this challenge wearing mostly size 36 pants and using the last hole on my belt. I haven’t dropped a size yet but things are starting to fit a bit loser.

I got into Vegas last night and just hit a workout at the gym where I am staying. It is not a good place to workout. There was no barbell and only some weight machines and a few treadmills. It was also lacking the most important factor in a good gym – good people to workout with. There were a few people doing their thing all at a very low intensity level with gossip TV show running in the back round. I miss my crossfit gym already!

I am off to grind some poker at the Rio 🙂


2 thoughts on “still a turtle

  1. if it’s not crossfit or another serious gym, you probably won’t find those intense workouts. at best, you may find the gym rats doing lots of isolation exercises.

    i’m still working on signing up for a decently priced crossfit gym in brooklyn. and have been good for my 3 BI shot at 25NL. value-betting is still the name of the game. it’s not gonna be long until i’ll have to move sites. there aren’t many tables to select from at 25NL.

    out of curiosity, where in vegas are you staying?

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