two a day?

I fly out to Vegas tomorrow. I have been thinking about how to structure my schedule, to continue my progress with this challenge and still play my best poker. As a cash game player I plan on playing two shorter sessions six days a week. I will be hitting some workouts at Crossfit Las Vegas in the morning to leave time for a meal and nap between poker.

This past week I have been feeling good but I haven’t played any poker. I have notice I am a bit tired in the late evening. While in Vegas I am going to make getting a solid 8+ hours of sleep and an afternoon nap a priority everyday. I feel like this will be critical success factor in the gym and on the felt.

I am going to track my poker sessions in several ways to see if this fitness challenge helps my play. I will track session length and win-rate of course. I will also record subjective data by grading my own performance(A,B,C) and noting anything else about my play that seems to relates to this challenge.

So my goals for Vegas this year are: 1)grind the cash games for at least 150 hours 2)lose ~8 pounds of fat and increase my fitness levels 3)learn a bit about myself in terms of balancing health/fitness with poker.


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