tortoise or the hare?

This past Monday I weighed in at 181.5 for a 2 pound loss since the start of this challenge. Not a fast start by any means but I have established better eating and workout habits. Looking back I am happy with the training so far but need to make a few tweaks to the diet.

I am going to drop my carbohydrates down to ~50g per day and increase my protein intake. So less bananas and less dried fruit. I decided to add in a post workout protein shake. In the past I have found this helps my recovery but I was concerned about drinking too many calories. One of the coaches at Albany Crossfit said it would be fine and shouldn’t impede weight loss. The Progenex recovery drink has only 8g of carbohydrates and 23g of protein. Even though it is not strictly paleo it will help me tweak my CHO and PRO intake especially when I am in Vegas next month.


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