training to lose the weight?

I have been reading and watching different material about losing weight. The one thing I disagree with is people talking about training to lose weight. I enjoy the crossfit training and other sports so for me – I am training to be able to train/play better, faster, stronger, and more often! With the focus on increasing my performance and clean eating I believe the weight will take care of itself.

One of the reasons besides being lazy that I stopped training was shoulder pain. I haven’t been able to press even light weight overhead without some pain in my shoulder. But after a year of not training my shoulders feel great! I guess time does heal all. Monday I did Overhead squats pain-free and today I did overhead press pain-free. I am excited to see what I can do in a few months when I get some strength back and have healthy shoulders.


4 thoughts on “training to lose the weight?

  1. Hey Mike, i also had a shoulder problem dating way back to high school. Injured my rotator cuff. You should see a physiotherapist or read up on dif exercises you can do to strengthen your shoulder so you can get back into training… The body has an amazing capability to heal itself you just have to do the right things!

    Good luck,


    • If you haven’t read any of Eric Cressey’s stuff, check him out. He’s kind of known as a “Shoulder Guy” in the training world and has a lot of really cool articles on the subject. Hopefully you wont have any more issues, but adapting some prehab/preventative movements/strengthening for your shoulders is something most people should do anyway and can’t hurt:

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