the sport of fitness

I am feeling pretty beat up after only two workouts at Albany Crossfit so for a little motivation I watched a few videos of the the crossfit games . Now I am off to the gym!

Once I started moving around I found I was sore everywhere, even my feet! So I went for a 40 minute walk and spent another 30 minutes stretching and foam rolling. Sometimes recovery is more important than getting in another workout.


4 thoughts on “the sport of fitness

  1. I have no idea how far along you are on the fitness front, is competing in the Crossfit games a goal you have (even in the far back reaches of your mind? :).

  2. this is not the first time i’ve heard of crossfit training. it looks so much more interesting than traditional isolation exercise workouts.

    i’ve found the hardest part of health and fitness is getting started, and* staying consistent. very easy to fall-out-of-line and hard as hell to get back in it.

    all that said, i started working out again in last month or so. i’m going to add some crossfit things to my routine that i’ll perform outside of the gym.
    my first challenge will be to sprint 1000ft then do 50 air squats x 4. should give my metabolism a good kick.

  3. join a local CF gym and you will find some friends to cheer you on everyday

    well if you aren’t already fit 333m sprint, 50 air squats x4 is a very tough first WOD – i know if i did this tomorrow I would be crushed for a week!

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