weight and tracking results?

My body weight on Monday 5/21/2012 was 183.5 for a loss .5bls since starting this challenge. At first I was disappointed but then I saw my weight graph and thought – I just turned the corner and started a new trend in the right direction!

How should we measure our Health and Fitness during this challenge? Fitness is easy. We can track weight, other physical measurements, performance in the gym and with this data clearly see any changes. Tracking Health is a bit harder. Other than absence of disease I don’t have any objective measurements to use. So I think most of the Health improvements will be subjective. Of course I will be blogging about any changes in my physical and mental health. Does anyone have any better ideas on how to track this?


3 thoughts on “weight and tracking results?

  1. Mike, how tall are you?
    I’m coming in around the same weight at 5’11”. I’d say I have 20% bodyfat if I had to guess.

    If you’d want to track health, maybe go to your doctor and get blood-done, and compare those results with future results. Without health insurance, it will be costly. Other than that, I think just keeping track of how you feel overall is good.

  2. 5’9″ – not really sure of exact BF but north of 20% right now(you can see tons of data on my workout link as i have made every page public)

    good idea about some blood work

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